Thank you all so much, not just for the great result, but for all the care over the past years, many many thanks. Mike & Robyn Strambi

Thank you for selling my house. It has been a please to know you Chris, you have been a gentleman. My family also thanks you for assisting me. You sold my sister-in-law’s house, it got sold quickly too. I have found your staff to be helpful and cooperative. Lillian Lee

The fact that you sold our house in 9 weeks is a testament to the groundwork and that you put into the sale. Not to mention your extensive market knowledge and drone camera gave the potential buyer a fantastic view of our beautiful property. Phillip & Colleen Farrugia

There’s not much I can say; actions speak for themselves. All the local agents have had a shot at it, to no avail. I am very impressed you got me the best price when others said I was dreaming… you proved them wrong. Gerry Cuciniello

Dear Chris,

Buying and selling your home is probably one of the biggest transactions you make in life. We recently as a family made the decision to move our parents back to Melbourne from their home in Lake Bunga to be closer to family. This was a difficult time as they loved their home and had been there for many years.

The family asked me to handle the sale, an onerous responsibility…

Once the big decision to sell the home is made the next decision which Real Estate Agent to use. Luckily for us we chose you and your team at Rykers Real Estate. As you know we met with several agents and the temptation is to go with the person who promises the highest figure.

You provided us with enough evidence and guided us to a realistic price point, one I must say proved to be correct, well done! Luckily, we went with the person we felt comfortable with and who seemed genuinely interested in helping the family. From the start the thing that impressed me was your professionalism, you undertook to have a report and estimated figure by a certain time, and met the time frame, all the others didn’t. You also followed up, again others didn’t. Your marketing ideas are first class, even the fact that you used a drone to take some wonderful pictures highlighting the property were a real bonus.

You kept me informed all through the sales campaign by phone and email which given the fact I am based in Melbourne I greatly appreciated. Chris on behalf of the family please accept my thanks for a job well done. I would be happy for you to use this letter as a reference as I would highly recommend anybody considering selling their home in the district to use your company.

Kind regards,

Peter Catramdos