Kitchen Storage Solutions

Erin Morris
AUG 20, 2018

To help get your kitchen looking as neat as possible (both inside and outside of the cupboards), we chatted to Mint Kitchen Group’s designer, Rath Tat, for her kitchen storage ideas, and kitchen storage hacks.

1. Embrace open-shelving

We know this sounds a little controversial (especially because kitchen cupboard storage means doors are usually a way of hiding the mess), but Rath says “the real fact about open shelves is that they’re open; it’s easy access at a quick glance”.

She continues: “Open shelves can be functional to display decorative items or cookbooks. Depending on the space, open-shelving can make a space feel more homely and inviting.”


When it comes to small kitchen organisation ideas, we think open shelves are absolutely worth considering. Open kitchen wall storage is perfect those who have some extra wall space, though not quite enough for cabinetry.

In many cases, it can be used to stack smaller pots, bowls or house spare hand towels, as well as trinkets and decor.

2. Consider a LeMans corner

Getting into the depths of a corner cupboard is tricky business, but the LeMans corner is a fantastic solution to this common problem.

Rath says, “the LeMans corner system is engineered for the trays to swing out completely and independently. LeMans corners are commonly used in L-shape and U-shape kitchen designs because it gives users a clear view of all the contents at the front and back”.


3. Try a pull-out shelf

Working with a narrow gap? When it comes to kitchen pantry storage, Rath says “150mm pull-out systems are great solutions for narrow gaps and help make these narrow spaces practical.

“They are extra convenient for storing spices and bottles near the cooking zone.”


4. Lift and slide with bi-fold doors

Working with a narrow gap? Adding bi-fold doors is one of Rath’s top kitchen cupboard storage ideas. “The use of bi-fold lift-ups and sliding doors ensures that storage spaces have been organised to the full potential.”

Not only that, but this solutions “gives users freedom of movement, plus, the cabinet doors can be left open while cooking for easy access”.


5. Find your inner peace, with inner drawers

Inner drawers are a great addition to any kitchen as they allow for maximum use of the storage space. Rath says “inner drawers can be designed individually to give users easy access from all three sides and clear visibility to items from the top”.

Once you’ve got the drawers sorted, consider adding drawer dividers to maximise the surface area within the drawers and keep everything organised.


6. Invest in a sink drawer

Storage space is often lost or designed to be awkward under the sink in order to accommodate for unavoidable plumbing.

But there is one way you can maximise your space here. “The U-shaped drawer accommodates for the sink plumbing but also allows for storing cleaning products such as sponges, dishwashing liquid and dishwasher tablets.

“It keeps the benchtop free and still ensures that washing up items are easy to grab and put away.”


7. Keep it contained

Containers not only keep your food fresh but can also maximise kitchen pantry or cabinet space.

Our tip? Choose containers of varying sizes to suit all of your pantry items, and opt for sets that nest well to get the ultimate use out of your space. Baskets are also great for storing chopping boards.


8. Make it magnetic

Thinking about kitchen wall storage? Magnet strips on the wall are perfect for storing knives or even spices in magnetic jars, and can look super cool, too.

If you prefer to keep these items in the cupboard (be it for aesthetic reasons or to hide such tools from little hands), magnetic strips on the inside of doors or cabinets are a great way to maximise storage space.


9. Put a label on it

Junie Lin, founder of Hamptons Home, recommends kitchen storage jars with a good labelling system.

She believed that “a well-stocked pantry saves you money”.

“There’s nothing worse than starting to cook a meal and realising you’ve run out of a key ingredient. These pantry labels from Hamptons Home will rid your home of the dreaded pantry clutter, and keeps frequently used ingredients clearly marked and at your fingertips.”



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