9 Signs you're Obsessed with Christmas

Chris Carroll
DEC 12, 2018

1. You spend hours researching wrapping paper ideas

Although you revel in the research around what colour scheme to do your wrapping paper in each year, you’re beyond that now. You’ve graduated to making your own wrapping paper, cards and prints. Why? Because store-bought paper is for rookies.


2. You go shopping. In the actual shopping centre. In December

Online shopping is cheating. How will you soak up all the Christmas music and other festivities going on at the mall unless you’re actually there in the thick of it?

While everyone else is tearing their hair out, you can be spotted gleefully lining up to get a snap with Santa.

3. You get in the Santa photo each year

Alone. You line up for the Santa photo alone. No kids in tow. No grandkids in tow. Just you, the big man with the beard, and a killer photo to display on your fridge each year. Who says that Santa photos are just for kids? Not you.

4. You have more than one tree, because why not?!

There came a time when your joy for Christmas could not be contained to just one room – nor should it! So, much to the dismay of your partner and kids, you now have a second tree in the house, with plans for a third in the foyer well underway. It makes perfect sense to me.


5. You don’t like your kids to decorate the house

Kids have very little flair when it comes to decorating the tree and mantle. We know this, don’t we?

Each year it hurts a bit to have them decorate the room, so you’ve come up with a killer idea that works for everyone; their own mini-tree near their bedroom solely for them to adorn (where nobody visiting can see it).

6. You actually want to host Christmas at your place

You want to entertain because, hello, the entire house wasn’t decorated for nothing! It pains your soul to have to go to other people’s houses each year because their decorations are completely sub-par. And it’d be a shame for your display to be home alone with nobody to gush over them. Unfair.


7. You dress your pets in festive costumes

You’ve convinced yourself that they’re into it too. You’ve somehow managed to get your dog to dress up as a reindeer each year, and your cat to submit long enough to get an elf costume on. Thank goodness you trimmed her claws!


8. You have multiple costume changes on Christmas day

You’re like Madonna in concert; a costume change is required constantly. So many photos are being snapped on Christmas day and you need to showcase all of the different festive ensembles you’ve purchased, right!?

9. You own every Christmas CD known to man

Even the Tin Lids Christmas album. Never apologise for it.


*Courtesy of Realestate.com.au

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9 Signs you're Obsessed with Christmas